British homelessness leads to suicide

This video is called Homeless Britain.

Britain: Over a third of homeless adults with the greatest needs have attempted suicide and many more are at risk of “falling through the cracks,” the Homeless Link charity warned today: here.

By CWU General Secretary Billy Hayes:

Underpinning the coalition government‘s reactionary economic policy is a regressive and divisive social policy.

One of the clearest illustrations of this was the attack on multiculturalism by David Cameron in his Munich speech in March.

It was surely a coincidence that it was given close to one of Hitler’s old bierkellers.

It was probably a coincidence that it was given at the same time as the EDL were holding a major rally in Luton.

But it was no coincidence that it was given at a time when the Tories were beginning to register a fall in opinion polls.

There is nothing like coded racism to whip the Tory core vote into line.

The TUC denounced David Cameron’s attacks on multiculturalism: here.

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