Stop rhinoceros poaching

This video is called Rhinoceros.

South Africa to deploy US military radar in fight against Rhino poaching: here.

From Wildlife Extra:

Rhino poaching may be an African tragedy but it is a global responsibility. Join the fight and help us gather signatures by encouraging people to sign up at

September 2011. Five government officials from Viet Nam have visited South Africa to discuss the illegal trade in rhinoceros horn. Their visit is set against a backdrop of rapidly escalating poaching of Africa’s two internationally protected rhino species: here.

November 2012. Just when it seemed that it couldn’t get much worse, it did. At least 12 rhino have been dehorned by poachers, of which at least 9 ave died and the remaining 3 are very ill. Most of the rhinos were tranquilised before having their horns cut off. Additionally, two calves of some of the rhinos that were attacked have gone missing, it is assumed that they have wondered off into the bush without their mothers, and are unlikely to survive: here.

Partnership launched to fight rhino poaching in Natal: here.

August 2013. A pregnant white rhino has been killed by poachers in the Nairobi National Park. Whilst hundreds of rhino have been killed across eastern and especially southern Africa this year, this particular piece of butchery is all the more shocking as it happened within a few miles of the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) HQ on the edge of the Nairobi National Park: here.

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