Economic crisis, workers fight back

By Tom Peters:

New Zealand universities cut staff and courses

8 September 2011

Universities across New Zealand are carrying out drastic restructuring, cutting hundreds of jobs and eliminating courses. Jobs are being axed at the University of Canterbury and Victoria University of Wellington. At Auckland University, Wellington Institute of Technology and Christchurch Polytechnic, staff have taken part in protests and strikes against proposals to significantly increase workloads.

These cutbacks are a result of the National Party government’s austerity measures over the past three years, and are a part of the global assault on workers and youth in response to the international economic crisis. The government’s 2011 budget increased funding for universities by less than half the inflation rate. Universities have increased fees and levies, restricted entry criteria and turned away thousands of students, as well as eliminated programs and sacked staff.

Bombardier workers demonstrating

From daily News Line in Britain:

Thursday, 8 September 2011


‘Back Bombardier – Save Our Jobs’ was the message from the trade unions outside parliament yesterday

TWO hundred Bombardier workers and their supporters descended on parliament yesterday to urge the Tory coalition ‘to save British train manufacturing’.

The government has already awarded a train building contract to Siemens, resulting in 1,440 Bombardier redundancies, with 3,000 more jobs in the balance.

Britain: Millions of workers across the public and private sectors could go on strike in November, PCS leader Mark Serwotka predicted today: here.

The number of homeless people in Britain has risen by 17 per cent, according to new figures released by the government today: here.

Youth bear brunt of economic collapse – says Canadian Labour Congress report: here.

USA: Two years ago, I asked Arthur Delaney, one of our gifted young reporters at The Huffington Post, to focus his coverage on one thing: putting flesh and blood on the data of our economic crisis, and bringing to our readers the real stories of the unemployed, of those facing foreclosure, of the “formerly middle class”: here.

USA: Budget Details: Where do your tax $$$’s go? Here.

John Millington on the culture of cash for top fat cats: here.

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