Bahrain journalists oppressed

From the Bahrain News Agency:

BJA urges media personnel with complaints to come forward and submitted them to BICI

Manama, Sept 6 (BNA) The Bahrain Journalist Association (BJA) urged all journalists, media personnel, editors and photographers who suffered human rights abuses or have be[en] expelled from their [job] or punished due to their job or were terrorized to submit their complaint to the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry (BICI) before Sept 9.

The BJA affirmed in its statement yesterday that it was ready to support any reporter or media personnel who wishes to document his/her complaint at the BICI.

It also stressed that it would provide all its services to its members to facilitate any required procedures to preserve their rights.

From Foreign Policy in the USA:

The killing of a 14-year-old boy by police on the island of Sitra on Aug. 31 has reignited simmering tensions in Bahrain. Ali Jawad Ahmad died while attending an Eid al-Fitr demonstration, one of numerous flashpoints in the daily confrontations between anti-government protesters and the security services. His death triggered widespread protests that rapidly spread to most Shiite villages on the Bahraini archipelago. Some 10,000 people attended his funeral and repeated calls for the overthrow of the ruling Al-Khalifa family. Groups of demonstrators also returned to central Manama where they attempted to reclaim the site of Pearl Roundabout — now a traffic junction after it was bulldozed by the regime in March. Riot police beat them back with tear gas, but the symbolism of the attempted return to the heart of the pro-democracy movement that threatened to topple the Al-Khalifa in March was clear.

Bahrain: The trial of 20 doctors and health professionals resumes today at military court: here.

Bahrain: continuing imprisonment of doctors: here.

Testimonies from Bahrain: A hospital under siege: here.

Anti-arms campaigners will stage a protest tomorrow against a London Chamber of Commerce seminar aimed at promoting weapons sales to repressive regimes in the Middle East: here.

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