16 thoughts on “Royal Bank of Scotland’s cluster bombs money

  1. Sympathy for the devil

    I can’t help but feel sorry for Stephen Hester, the chief executive of RBS.

    Thousands of people have called on him to stop funding a US company that makes cluster bombs that kill thousands of children worldwide each year.

    The poor man is faced with a great dilemma.

    If he does remove funding from the company he could save the lives of thousands of children.

    But that could affect his muliti-million pound bonus.

    Tough choice.

    Derek Hanlin, Mid Glamorgan



  2. PM refuses to stop RBS offshoring

    BANKS: David Cameron refused today to commit to stopping the Royal Bank of Scotland sending jobs overseas, insisting getting taxpayers’ £45 billion back out of the bailed-out institution mattered “most of all.”

    The bank, which is 82 per cent state owned, announced today that it would be relocating 300 jobs to India.

    Labour MP Lindsay Roy said because the government was the major shareholder in RBS it could intervene to stop this transfer and save jobs.

    But Mr Cameron said: “The most important thing is we get that money back. We need RBS to return to health.”



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