NATO soldiers, oil corporations, to Libya?

This video is called Barrel per Bomb: Libya ‘winners’ & oil majors launch black gold grab.

Fighting continued in the Libyan capital of Tripoli Tuesday after NATO-backed forces sacked Muammar Gaddafi’s compound: here.

From daily News Line in Britain today:

BRITISH soldiers are set to be sent to Libya it has emerged, with Downing Street repeatedly refusing to rule out deploying ground troops as ‘peacekeepers’.

Although a spokesman for prime minister Cameron claimed yesterday that a deployment is ‘unlikely at this stage’, British military and intelligence officers have already been operating in Libya for months and are urgently calling for more ‘boots on the ground’.

Foreign forces in Libya helping rebel forces advance: here.

USA: Former State Department official Philip Zelikow offers Libya as a model for carving up the Middle East and smashing up the Arab states: here.

From the BBC:

23 August 2011 Last updated at 08:13 GMT Help

Libya’s oil fields could be open for business again soon. It’s a prospect that has oil executives wondering which firms and nations will be favoured be any new administration.

Those who backed the recent rebellion, such as France and Italy will find themselves in the strongest position.

However Russian and Chinese firms may lose out after failing to support any action against Col Muammar Gaddafi.

Jeremy Howell reports.

In addition to Libya’s rich energy reserves, German companies are particularly interested in the billions of euros of government assets that have been frozen in foreign accounts: here.

Phyllis Bennis: Libya war is about control of oil contracts: here.

US disturbing relationship with Gaddafi: here.

The war that the forces of NATO unleashed against Libya has been escalating in the last hours with a bloodbath which is the result of mass slaughters, especially of civilians in Tripoli and the other cities. The war machine of the NATO-US and EU with its bombings and the other interventions is the one which determines the military developments and bears the responsibility for the savage crimes against the Libyan people. The so called anti-regime forces which are led by former associates of Gaddafi are following and completing a grotesque project: here.

Nato states and their Middle East allies in the Middle East are planning a long-term role in Libya, the military alliance affirmed today: here.

Jeremy Scahill on “NATO-enforced regime change” in Libya and oil: here.

‘Libya’s imperial hijacking is a threat to the Arab revolution’: here.

USA: Ending Wars on Time Would Save $200 Billion, One-Sixth of Debt Reduction Goal. Robert Naiman, Truthout: “By Thanksgiving, the Congressional ‘Super Committee’ is supposed to come up with $1.2 trillion in debt reduction over the next ten years. The Super Committee can include anything it wants in its package – short-term economic stimulus (like extending unemployment benefits and the payroll tax holiday), revenue increases from curtailing tax breaks, cuts in military or domestic spending, subject only to two constraints. To avoid automatic cuts, the package has to add up to $1.2 trillion in debt reduction over ten years. Also, to avoid automatic cuts, the package has to pass both houses of Congress in December, so the package has to have the property that it can pass the House and Senate”: here.

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