Little grebe and damselflies

Yesterday, after the Spanderswoud fungi, to the other side of the road.

To the surroundings of the Crailo nature bridge.

Again, juvenile common frogs.

A birch polypore on a fallen birch.

A great cormorant sitting on the southern lake boardwalk.

This video is about egg laying common blue damselflies.

Many common blue damselflies.

A brimstone butterfly.

In the lake, about ten gray lag geese swimming. A little grebe swimming and diving. A coot. A grey heron flying.

Arrowhead flowering.

A green-veined white butterfly. A meadow brown butterfly.

Contrary to the winter and spring seasons, when there were not so many leaves yet, and to earlier years, when the trees were still smaller, one cannot really see the northern lake from the nature bridge now. Though I hear a little grebe calling.

As we leave, a common stinkhorn, attracting many flies, along the bicycle track.

August 2011. We tend to prepare ourselves for eating shellfish with a finger bowl, a side plate and a napkin at the ready. But this grey heron at the RSPB’s Leighton Moss nature reserve opted to down a crab lunch in one: here.

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