Fungi and more fungi

This video says about itself

This time-lapse depicts a woodland floor with toadstool fly agaric and Phallus impudicus fungi growing.

Today, to Spanderswoud nature reserve.

In the less forested parts, heather flowers.

Near the parking lot, a slime mold: Tubulifera arachnoidea.

Great spotted woodpecker sound.

Inocybe dulcamara mushroom.

Common earthball.

Cup lichen.

Waxy laccaria.

Juvenile common frogs.

Amethyst deceiver.

Small Mycena galopus mushrooms.

Alder buckthorn flowering.

An oak mazegill fungus growing on a young northern red oak.

Psilocybe fascicularis.

Toque mycenas are relatively big for the Mycena genus. Here, they attract a red slug.

Xerocomus pruinatus.

Mycena haematopus.

A Postia ptychogaster slime mold.

Inocybe asterospora.

Mycena amicta.

Rhodocollybia butyracea.

Parasola plicatilis.

Oilslick brittlegill.

Coral brittlegill.

Stereum ochraceoflavum.

Tawny grisette.

Nuthatch sound.

Birch milkcap.

Oligoporus subcaesius.

Oak milkcap.

Big white common stinkhorn fruiting bodies.


Russula heterophylla.

Boletus badius.

Rufous milkcap.

Megacollybia plathyphylla.

Artist’s bracket.

Russula ochroleuca.

Brown roll-rim.

Russula betularum.

Finally, back near the parking lot, a small but beautiful fungus: yellow false coral.

Smaller stinkhorn species: here.

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