7 thoughts on “English riots´ aftermath

  1. Britain: Sixteen months’ prison for two ice cream scoops

    “A riot looter who pinched an ice cream and gave it away after just one lick has been locked up for 16 months.

    “Anderson Fernandes, 21, wandered into Patisserie Valerie on Deansgate, Manchester, after finding the door open.

    “He went over to the ice cream counter and took a cone and two scoops.

    “Fernandes, of Newton Heath, took one lick but didn’t like the coffee flavour and gave it to a passing woman.”

    ― August 27 Telegraph article.

    Tory councillor calls rioters ‘jungle bunnies’

    “A Tory councillor has been suspended from his party after calling rioters ‘jungle bunnies’ on Facebook.

    “Bob Frost, a councillor on Dover District Council in Kent, made the comments on August 7 as riots and looting spread throughout London …

    “In a previous Facebook posting from the councillor he had a go at single mums – saying he was paying for their lifestyle.

    “He wrote: ‘You might ask how all the single mothers congregating with their push-chaired spawn are able to afford both their beer and their tattoos – I have a horrible idea I am paying for both.’”



  2. Community service for chocolate thief

    COURTS: A 12-year-old boy who stole chocolate and crisps from a shop during the riots last month has received a nine-month referral order.

    The youngster pleaded guilty to violent disorder and theft on August 8 in Hackney, east London, at Thames magistrates’ court.

    He will have to help clear up damage from the riots or work on other schemes in the borough.



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