Warden saves gannet on Terschelling island

This video is called Epic Gannet journeys – Animal Camera – BBC.

Translated from the Staatsbosbeheer site in the Netherlands:


Warden Oene de Jong this week on the beach of Boschplaat nature reserve in Terschelling found a young gannet. The bird was entangled in rope and could not fly or swim.

Unfortunately, it often happens that birds, seals and porpoises get caught up in waste floating in the sea. Nets, ropes and can casings are the biggest culprits. Usually the animals do not survive, but this gannet was lucky.

Together with ornithologist Harry Horn, Oene has released the bird and ringed it. In this way it is possible to know more about where and when this bird will be flying around. The gannet’s first flight went quickly towards the sea.

Photos are here. The gannet looks about three years old.

4 thoughts on “Warden saves gannet on Terschelling island

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