Verizon workers keep fighting

This video from the USA is called CWA Spokesperson Robert Master & Verizon Employee Pamela Galpern Discuss the Verizon Strike.

As the strike by 45,000 Verizon workers in the US enters its second week, the government is aggressively intervening on the side of the company to strangle the resistance of the workers to sweeping concessions demands: here.

Mischa Gaus, Labor Notes: “The strike covers 45,000 members of the Communications Workers and Electrical Workers (IBEW) from Massachusetts to Virginia. Verizon wants to eliminate pensions, as well as limit raises and force big health care costs onto current workers and retirees. The concessions would take $1 billion from workers, at a company which made almost $20 billion during the last four years”: here.

Verizon strikers honor Gerry Horgan, killed at a picket in 1989: here.

Verizon workers denounce company charges of “sabotage”: here.

Verizon Punishes Striking Workers By Canceling Benefits: here.

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