Giant anteater born in Amsterdam zoo

This is a video about the new born anteater from Artis zoo in the Netherlands.

Translated from the site of Artis zoo in Amsterdam:

August 15, 2011 – In the night between Friday and Saturday at the Pampa

the South America section of Artis zoo

a giant anteater was born. The delivery took a little over one hour, after which the young animal immediately climbed on the back of its mother.

On Saturday, the youngster drank milk from it mother’s mammary glands. It makes a good impression. This is the third young anteater that is born in the zoo. Which means good news for the international breeding program for this critically endangered species in which Artis plays a prominent role.

See also here.

Corndog the giant anteater delivers at Roger Williams Park Zoo: here.

10 thoughts on “Giant anteater born in Amsterdam zoo

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