British anti-conservative protests

This video is called George Galloway speaks to a trio of idiots on the England riots.

By Paddy McGuffin in Britain:

Protests in Birmingham and London call for an end to knee-jerk riots response

Sunday 14 August 2011

Peaceful demonstrations took place in England’s two biggest cities over the weekend in the wake of the riots which swept the country last week.

On Saturday around 2,000 people took part in a march from Dalston to Tottenham in north London, protesting at the demonisation of the area’s youth and at government cuts, which marchers argued had been a trigger for the disturbances.

Campaigners also called for justice for the family of Mark Duggan, the father of four shot dead by police in Tottenham, and demanded an end to discriminatory policing and the use of stop-and-search.

The peaceful procession was in stark contrast to the riots and looting that devastated large sections of London last week before spreading to other cities in England.

Trade unionists, political activists and local residents marched the roughly three miles to Tottenham town hall in a show of unity and opposition to government policy.

Demonstrators raised themes such as community cohesion and highlighted the government’s anti-social cuts such as ending the education maintenance allowance, closing youth services, abandoning deprived areas and slashing public-sector jobs.

Police adopted a largely hands-off approach to the event although at one point two officers decided to conduct a stop and search on one protester – a man wearing a top hat and carrying a rucksack and bouquet of flowers – sparking angry calls for an end to the practice.

The march concluded in a “people’s assembly” where anyone who wished to have their say was granted two minutes to do so.

One speaker was Hackney Trades Council president Brian Debus who condemned Tory leader David Cameron for branding certain sections of the community “sick” and for condemning the country’s youth without taking responsibility for the devastation the coalition was wreaking on poor communities.

Meanwhile thousands of people took part in a peace rally in Birmingham following the deaths of three young men last week when they were struck by a car during the disturbances.

Haroon Jahan and brothers Shazad Ali and Abdul Musavir were struck by the car in the Dudley Road area of Winson Green, apparently as they were trying to protect shops from looters. All three were pronounced dead in hospital on Wednesday.

Police Complaints Commission lied about police shooting that sparked British riots: here.

From British daily News Line:

Monday, 15 August 2011

Crisis splitting Tories, police chiefs, and military

THE Tory leadership publicly lambasted what it termed the police chiefs’ ‘wrong tactics’ for dealing with the youth uprising, during the special sitting of the House of Commons last Thursday.

The police chiefs, instead of immediately flooding the areas with police stormtroopers, completely underestimated the situation, and were merely observing it, and rubbing their hands with glee at the numbers of youth that they would be able to arrest, at their leisure, in the aftermath, making use of the tens of thousands of CCTV cameras that are now positioned everywhere for this purpose.

The Tory elite were however on their summer-hols, didn’t have a clue as to the gravity of the situation, and had to be dragged back to face the music.

They decided to blame the police for this crisis, saying that it was not police cuts or any cuts that were causing the problems, but the wrong tactics of the police.

Senior police officers reacted with fury this weekend after the government announced it was to draft in US “gangs specialist” William Bratton to prevent a repeat of last week’s riots: here.

A question mark hung over the courts’ ability today to process hundreds of people charged over the riots in London: here.

A “wall of love” created by residents in Peckham, south-east London, following last week’s riots will be preserved permanently, Southwark Council revealed today: here.

USA: In a blatant violation of democratic rights, Bay Area Rapid Transit cut cell service as a preemptive strike against a protest over police brutality last week: here.

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