Tasmanian devil babies born

This video, from Taronga zoo, in Sydney, Australia, says about itself:

Taronga’s Tasmanian Devil Keepers got their first hands-on check of four little devil joeys, the first born at the Zoo this breeding season.

The youngsters, which were born to mother, Nina were snuggled tightly in their maternal nest and keepers gently lifted them out to check their body condition and determine their sex.

Closer inspection revealed that Nina had given birth to one female and three male joeys.

See also here.

October 2011. Culling will not control the spread of facial tumour disease among Tasmanian devils, according to a study published in the British Ecological Society’s Journal of Applied Ecology. Unless a way of managing the disease is found, the iconic marsupial could become extinct in the wild within the next 25 years: here.

October 2011: The release of 12 Gilbert’s potoroos into a tiny mainland population on Western Australia’s south coast is aiding the recovery of the world’s rarest marsupial: here.

Back from the dead: Gilbert’s potoroo: here.

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