Freshwater fish, sea fish, frogs

Near the cemetery is the old harbour.

At the aquarium shop not far away from it there has been reconstruction since I was there last time.

There are 880 aquariums now. Mainly fish are on sale. But also some amphibians, sea anemones, sea stars, shrimps (both as aquarium inhabitants and as fish food), and water plants.

First, to the sea aquariums. Near the entrance, crowned squirrelfish.

Crysiptera hemicyanea

Azure damselfish.

Diamond goby.

Elegant firefish.

Halichoerus chrysus.

A banded pipefish, on sale for 34 euro 50.

In the next aquarium, Echidna xanthospilus, for 99 euro.

A ribbon eel costs 89.

A Linckia laevigata blue starfish costs 24.50 to 69, depending on size.

Next, the freshwater hall.

Lemon tetras for 1 75 per fish.

Same price as for a glowlight neon.

African dwarf frogs, 3 95.

Leopard danio for 1 80.

Cardinal tetra for 1 95.

Angelfish for 19 95 (adults) or 7 95 (juveniles).

Black mollies for 2 95.

The same price as for guppies.

Red-bellied piranhas are 29 95.

Juvenile discus fish are 29 95. Adults can be over 150 euro, especially rare colour varieties.

A black arowana costs 220 euro.

Sea stars lack blood, brains, and conventional eyes: here.

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