Saudi dictatorship blocks Dutch broadcasters

This August 2019 video says about itself:


Time to analyze the scenes which were cut by MBC3, the official Arabic broadcaster of the series.

Egyptian pro-democracy blogger Zeinobia has warned that Cameron’s Internet blocking plans in Britain are a dangerous precedent, which may help ex-dictator Mubarak of Egypt … and other dictators, still in power.

The royal dictatorship in Saudi Arabia has already started.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Saudi Arabia blocks Radio Netherlands Worldwide Site

Added: Friday, August 12, 2011, 13:12

Saudi Arabia has blocked the website of Radio Netherlands Worldwide. From Saudi Arabia itself, the RNW Arabic language site has been no longer accessible for some weeks, Radio Netherlands Worldwide discovered recently.

The reason for the blocking is probably a movie in which an Arab man is abusing an Asian. It was in an article about the frequent abuse of migrants in Saudi Arabia.

According to the World Service it is unlikely that the decision of the government of Saudi Arabia will ever be reversed. The website will probably remain blocked.

Until pro-democracy people in Saudi Arabia, both men and women; workers, both Saudi born and foreign, manage to severely weaken or overthrow the dictatorship.

According to RNW:

YouTube has removed the video, but a copy is [was; in 2019] still available on the RNW website. The article generated a massive response on the RNW site and on Facebook.

Saudi pressure on the Dutch government, close friends of multinational oil corporations, might succeed in removing the video from the RNW site as well.

UPDATE 15 August 2011: RNW site available again in Saudi Arabia.

On World Youth Day, UN celebrating young people’s role in ousting dictators: here.

An Update With A Woman Caught In The Middle Of Bahrain’s Crackdown: here.

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