British riots and repression news

This video from Britain says about itself:

On this week’s WideShut Webcast Keelan Balderson discusses the England riots, the social and political problems that laid the groundwork, the dubious police shooting in Tottenham and subsequent attacking of a teenage girl. How the establishment might want to exploit the situation by implementing martial law or private security, and how non violent action is the best option for change.

Prime Minister David Cameron ignored pleas today from MPs in constituencies most affected by riots to reconsider crippling cuts to police: here.

Council authorities threatened tenants with eviction today if they or their children are found to be involved in rioting.

Prime Minister David Cameron mooted new powers yesterday to bar suspected rioters from accessing social networking sites following a series of arrests across Britain for alleged incitement: here.

David Cameron’s feeble Winston Churchill impression is wearing thin: here.

Chancellor George Osborne claimed today that the government’s savage cuts and austerity measures are making Britian a “safe haven” for economic recovery, despite all the evidence to the contrary: here.

British right spreads anti-youth message: here.

Artists and campaigners will paint a real picture of the damage caused by public-sector cuts at a union-sponsored festival in Edinburgh over the coming days.

Youth charities have urged the government against making hasty decisions in driving through its cuts programme following mass rioting across the country.

The National Union of Journalists condemned Rupert Murdoch today following news that he’s raking in the profits despite the ongoing scandal engulfing his media empire.

Crime reduction charities called for restraint after children as young as 11 appeared in the dock today following four days of rioting that has rocked England.

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