Reptiles, amphibians of Utrecht city

This video from the USA is called Live your reptile dream! How to become a herpetologist.

According to Dutch site, ten reptile and amphibian species live in the local authority area of Utrecht city.

They are:

1 Sand Lizard – Lacerta agilis
2 Slow Worm – Anguis fragilis
3 European Grass Snake – Natrix natrix
4 Common Toad – Bufo bufo
5 Natterjack – Bufo calamita
6 Alpine Newt – Ichthyosaura alpestris
7 Smooth Newt – Lissotriton vulgaris
8 Pool Frog – Pelophylax lessonae
9 Eurasian Marsh Frog – Pelophylax ridibundus
10 Common Frog – Rana temporaria

Dutch rainy summer and amphibians: here.

Dutch autumn and amphibians: here.

A [grass] snake is captured on CCTV in a sewer in Wiltshire: here.

August 2011. Londoners are being urged to record amphibian and reptile sightings across London as part of a new project to raise awareness of the frogs, toads, newts, snakes and lizards that all call the capital their home.

London has a superb diversity of wildlife. Nine of the thirteen British native herpetofauna species occur naturally in the Capital, these are; common frog, common toad, great crested newt, smooth newt, palmate newt, slow-worm, common lizard, grass snake and adder: here.

A new colony of rare natterjack toads is to be set up in Norfolk using more than 800 tadpoles from an RSPB nature reserve in Bedfordshire: here.

August 2011: The UK’s rarest lizard has been given a helping hand, with 80 captive-bred sand lizards released on the Sefton Coast as part of a long-term conservation project to restore the species’ status and historic range: here.

20 Most Colorful Lizards on Earth: here.

USA: Endangered Species Act Success: Lake Erie Water Snake Recovered: here.

Voracious larvae of two recently discovered beetles can latch onto frogs, toads, and other amphibians many times their size, then devour them. How the bugs entice their prey and survive their attacks, however, wasn’t known until now: here.

Researchers Gil Wizen and Avital Gasith of Tel Aviv University already knew that adult Epomis beetles could spell trouble for toads and other amphibians. Discovery News reported on the Thunderdome-esque battles staged by the researchers between Epomis adults and a variety of amphibian species: here.

3 thoughts on “Reptiles, amphibians of Utrecht city

  1. I had no idea how many herps there were until I met my husband and was introduced to the world of reptiles. I was amazed to find out how many people are interested in these creatures. There’s an entire world of reptile breeders that try to produce new morphs. Ball Pythons seem to be the biggest hit right now. There are several reptile shows across the country that allow reptile owners to exhibit and sell their animals to the public. It’s amazing especially when you see the curious attendees turn in reptile lovers. Great Post!


  2. Hi Jenly, the blog post is about amphibians and reptiles living freely in the more “natural” parts of Utrecht city. A problem with reptiles in the pet trade is that this trade encourages smuggling of endangered species, eg, Madagascar tortoises. Though certainly not all reptile owners are the same in this respect.


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