5 thoughts on “Israeli anti-privatisation movement continues

  1. Chiefs at trade union removed

    EGYPT: Prime Minister Essam Sharaf issued an executive order on Thursday to dismiss the executive board of the Mubarak-era Egyptian Trade Union Federation (ETUF).

    A new committee is to be elected to represent the body’s 2.5 million members.

    It is not yet known whether the election will pave the way for the revival of ETUF, which is widely seen as state-controlled.

    Many activists are calling for it to be scrapped and replaced by a new organisation such as the Federation of Egyptian Trade Unions, a parallel body that was formed during January’s uprising.


  2. Taxi owners end strike for talks

    GREECE: Striking taxi owners voted 13-4 today to end strike action that they had launched on July 18.

    The protesters, who say that industry deregulation being demanded by the European Central Bank and IMF will eat into their earnings, had staged blockades on highways and at ports and airports.

    Representatives of taxi owners’ associations opted to end the strike after local authorities agreed to delay issuing new licenses until after a new round of negotiations between the protesters and the government.


  3. Gaza pounded by Israeli aircraft

    PALESTINE: Israeli war jets pounded the blockaded Gaza Strip early this morning without causing any casualties.

    The air strikes, which were mounted after militants in the coastal enclave fired three rockets towards Israel on Wednesday, appeared to target bases of the Ezzedine Al-Qassam Brigades, the military branch of Gaza’s Hamas administration.

    An Israeli woman was lightly wounded by shrapnel on Monday when a rocket fired from the Palestinian territory exploded near a cemetery.



    Netanyahu is sending Peres
    To offer plans to the Palestinians –
    But has no intention
    To end the occupation.

    Netanyahu is sending Peres
    To offer support to the protesters –
    But has no intention
    Of providing affordable housing.

    Why does Peres agree
    To serve as a fig leaf
    For Netanyahus’s nakedness?

    Cheques to help us with ads and campaigns to
    Gush Shalom, P.O.Box 3322, Tel-Aviv 61033

    Please, include your email address

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