Bird crime in Cyprus

BirdLife says about this video:

This short film on the trapping activity in Cyprus aims to explain how the situation of the birds in the country is getting more and more dramatic. A few weeks after the Conference on Illegal Killing of Birds which took place in Cyprus at the beginning of July 2011, BirdLife Cyprus published this video in order to create awareness of the reality of the facts in the island.

BirdLife Cyprus has published online an estimate of the death toll from the illegal bird trapping taking place in Cyprus during the autumn migration: here.

Cyprus: a holiday island that’s a death trap for birds: here.

UPDATE: over 866,000 birds slaughtered so far this autumn in Cyprus! – Sign the petition to stop this now here.

August 2011: The Scottish SPCA is appealing for information after a swan was cruelly shot with an airgun in Cumbernauld, leaving its partner and seven cygnets pining: here.

Four golden eagles, the most recorded in a single year, were among 29 birds illegally poisoned last year, according to the latest annual report by RSPB Scotland: here.

September 2011: BirdWatch Ireland volunteers working near Roscrea were horrified to discover last month that a pair of buzzard chicks, one of Ireland’s most majestic birds of prey, had been poisoned at a nest site close to the Offaly and Tipperary border: here.

August 2011: Immense and increasingly sophisticated illegal trade in wildlife parts, coupled with antiquated enforcement methods, are decimating the world’s most beloved species including rhinos, tigers, and elephants on a scale never before seen, according to Wildlife Conservation Society conservationist Elizabeth Bennett: here.

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