Obama-Tea Party deal is unjust

United States Republicans cut Medicare

From daily News Line in Britain:

Thursday, 4 August 2011

… THE National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare says the following about Obama’s debt deal that savages the poor and leaves the rich well alone.

‘For too long, middle-class Americans and their families have been held hostage while anti-tax crusaders threaten American default unless vital programmes, like Social Security and Medicare, are slashed.

‘Unfortunately under this debt deal, those programmes will still be under attack – this time by a newly-created ‘Super Committee’ of just 12 members of Congress tasked to cut programmes by $1.5 trillion dollars. This committee plan will be fast-tracked to force it through Congress with no amendments allowed and little time for debate.

‘Americans of all ages and political persuasions know that Social Security and Medicare have not caused this economic crisis and do not support cutting these programmes to pay down the debt. Yet, Washington continues to use these vital programmes, and the Americans they serve, as bargaining chips in a quest to balance the budget on the backs of working class Americans and their families.

‘Our work is clearly cut out for us. The House Speaker has said he will appoint only ‘Super Committee’ members opposed to revenue increases. Leaving the debate right where we started . . . 100% benefit cuts and 0% revenue . . . except this time, the proposal will bypass the normal Congressional process. That makes it even easier to force middle-class benefit cuts to pay for billionaire tax breaks and corporate loopholes. This is no way to run a country. And the over three million members and supporters of the National Committee will continue to deliver that message loud and clear . . .’

The verdict of international capital on the deal was a huge sell-off of shares, and yet another increase in the price of gold, now above $1,664 an ounce, as banks and other lenders trembled at the further weakening of the US dollar, and that its interpenetrating with the financial crisis of the eurozone, could only lead to a greater financial disaster and a worldwide slump.

The federal budget deal targets critical social programs that are already under duress at the state level: here.

Women are hurt most by debt deal cuts to Medicare, Social Security, tuition aid: here.

US job cuts hit 16-month high in July: here.

Also from News Line:

Thursday, 4 August 2011


JUST one day before Democrats and Republicans were set to forge a trillion dollar debt deal that would impose savage cuts on the American working class, US workers took decisive strike action to defend their living standards.

Licensed deck and engineering officers and stewards represented by American Maritime Officers (AMO) walked off American Steamship Company (ASC) vessels on Monday.

The strike came after AMO’s contract with the company expired at midnight July 31.

‘This strike is the result of American Steamship’s Company refusal to negotiate in good faith, or even present a proposal that recognises the professionalism of the AMO officers and stewards and their value to a company that operates very profitably with AMO on board its ships,’ said AMO National President Tom Bethel.

America’s 4-D Economy: From Deficit Deals to Double Dip: here.

Interest rates were held at a record low of 0.5 per cent today amid growing fears that the world economy is heading back into recession: here.

USA: From Jesus’ socialism to capitalistic Christianity: here.

Morgan Freeman: Tea Party’s disdain for Obama rooted in racism: here.

7 thoughts on “Obama-Tea Party deal is unjust

  1. America’s jobs crisis is much worse than its debt crisis – it’s an emergency.

    Official unemployment is already over 9%, the worst since the Great Depression. That’s 14 million Americans who cannot find any job.

    Another 12 million Americans are barely surviving on part-time jobs, or have given up altogether.

    And economists say the “Budget Deal” will kill another 1.8 million jobs.

    We’re in a downward spiral that could lead from Recession to Depression.

    America cannot wait – Congress must act now.

    Tell Congress to pass an Emergency Jobs Bill to put 3 million Americans to work immediately as Teachers’ Aides.

    Our overburdened teachers and struggling students need the extra help, and desperate unemployed Americans need the jobs.

    Thanks for all you do!

    Bob Fertik



    If corporations are so great, why do you spend half your life on hold?

    O.K., so you try and call your health insurance company to find out if a certain medical procedure is covered under your plan. After being forced to listen to nine options, you press customer service and a recorded voice tells you that due to the company “experiencing excessive call volume,” you will need to wait to speak to an “available agent.”

    When someone finally answers, they have a foreign accent – as you know from past calls, the customer service benefits department has been offshored – and after you ask your question, you are asked if you mind being put on hold while the representative consults his or her manager. After several minutes, the customer service agent – who is paid a subsistence wage – removes the hold and asks if this is a pre-existing condition. You point out that since you’ve had the policy for two years, the pre-existing condition restriction no longer applies.

    The benefits representative in a distant land responds that he or she needs to again consult with the manager and you are put on hold.

    When you again hear a voice, you are told that the diagnostic testing is covered, but that you have a $4,500 deductible, so the insurance won’t be paying for it. You are then asked if you need any further help.

    Then you call your bank that is “too big to fail” about a discrepancy in your monthly statement and are put through a loop of recorded questions and answers that don’t resolve your problem, but it doesn’t matter much because when you press a number that you thought would lead you to a real person, you are somehow disconnected.

    Next, you call the electric utility to tell them that a tree just fell on your house power line and the house is without electricity in 98 degree heat, and after being on hold for 20 minutes, someone comes on the phone and asks if the line is sparking or setting anything on fire. You answer no, not that you can see, and then get told that since it is not an emergency, no one can come out for a few days because there aren’t enough line men or women at this time to handle other than live “hot” wire repairs.

    And then you call the liquor store to see if they deliver – and they answer right away, and you order a bottle of gin.

    Two weeks later, you get a letter from your health insurance company informing you that although you called a benefits consultant you failed to call the department that does prior authorization and, therefore, your claim is denied and it won’t even go toward your deductible.

    You call the liquor store and order another bottle of gin, and are mystified at how corporations are held up as models of customer service and efficiency while the government is constantly disparaged.

    And then you take another sip of gin because the liquor store is about the only business that delivers what you want.

    Mark Karlin
    Editor, BuzzFlash at Truthout


  3. Missouri’s GOP Lieutenant Governor Faces Stripper Issues

    by Matt Pearce in Kansas City
    “Nation Now”
    The Los Angeles Times

    It started with a photo published in St. Louis’ Riverfront Times — a cellphone snap of Missouri’s Republican lieutenant governor, Peter Kinder, grinning with former Penthouse Pet Tammy Chapman at a pantless bar in St. Louis.

    The shot initially prompted an awkward nondenial from Kinder’s office. (Kinder is unmarried.) “I really highly doubt the lieutenant governor is going to a bar where they don’t wear pants on a night when they don’t wear pants,” Kinder’s spokesman told the Riverfront Times, which runs ads for the bar that proclaim “Every night’s a pantless party.”

    But then Chapman told the Riverfront Times that Kinder had indeed been at the pantless bar earlier this year.

    She added that Kinder, the GOP’s odds-on favorite for Missouri’s 2012 gubernatorial race, used to be obsessed and physically aggressive with her in the 1990s, when she was a stripper. She said that when she saw him again — when the photo was snapped — he asked her to live in a campaign-financed condo.

    Kinder denied the condo and harassment charges, but it didn’t much matter; the nation’s latest sexless sex scandal — the most recent in a series featuring New York Reps. Anthony Weiner and Chris Lee — was already on.

    Though the general election is still more than a year away, the controversy has cast a pall over the GOP’s hopes of retaking the Missouri governor’s office, currently held by an unusually popular Democratic governor, Jay Nixon.

    A Kinder-financed poll of likely voters taken a few days after the Riverfront Times first published the story — but before it had reached full statewide attention — showed Kinder picking up voter support since May but still trailing Nixon, 48% to 41%.

    Kinder has also recently faced criticism for charging taxpayers thousands for stays in luxury hotels, and the dearth of other obvious GOP hopefuls — something of an enigma in an increasingly conservative state — has pushed Republicans into an uncomfortable dilemma: Do they support a problematic yet high-wattage candidate or throw their weight behind a potentially weaker unknown?

    At first, damage control mobilized in Kinder’s favor as state party dons blamed the “liberal media” for spreading an “unsubstantiated” story, according to a leaked memo.

    But Kinder soon admitted to seeing Chapman in the ’90s about 10 times when he was a state senator, quoting Dean Martin lyrics to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch to describe his “innocent” attraction to her: “My what lovely scenery, cupid’s own machinery,” he said of seeing her at the strip club.

    He also took the blame-it-on-my-youth defense. “As a young single man, 17 years ago, I made a foolish choice,” the 57-year-old Kinder told the Post-Dispatch. “I had no thought that I would run for any statewide office, much less possibly run for governor someday.”

    Some conservative discomfort has since migrated from private to public.

    “An attempt to excuse his poor decisions because it happened when he was 40 fails to pass muster,” wrote Republican State Rep. Kevin Elmer in a Tuesday editorial in the Joplin Globe. “I am a 40-year-old state representative, and I can tell you, sitting in a dark club sipping wine while watching women take off their clothes for money is impermissible behavior for someone elected to be a leader in the community.”

    Southwest Missouri GOP committeeman Tim Garrison also withdrew support for Kinder, saying Kinder’s claim that he only stopped by the pantless bar to use the bathroom “do not pass the laugh test,” according to a letter obtained by the Post-Dispatch. Kinder says he has not been to a strip club in 10 years, but that didn’t sway Garrison.

    “I am sorry, but the price of cavorting with Penthouse Pets in your 40s is that you don’t get to be governor of a Bible Belt state in your 50s,” Garrison wrote.



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