8 thoughts on “Breivik massacre and ‘war on terror’

  1. Geert Wilders: the oracle tweets

    In the wake of the Norwegian massacre, does Geert Wilders have anything to answer for? That’s the question that’s preoccupying the dailies this morning. Faithful press review readers might have noticed that it was also preoccupying the dailies for the past few days.

    Geert Wilders has hit back at the critics. In an in-depth TV debate or a newspaper column? Not likely. As de Volkskrant points out, Mr Wilders always picks his own way of communicating and leaves his audience wanting more.

    “The strategy works,” a media expert tells the paper. “The scarcity leaves everyone wanting to hear the voice of the oracle.”

    So Mr Wilders stuck to a tweet, says Trouw. “Lefties like Cohen and Dibi are trying to score politically from mass murder. Rancid.” He was referring to Labour Party leader Job Cohen and Green Left MP Tofik Dibi, who have said that, although Mr Wilders can’t be held responsible for the bloodbath, they still think it’s his duty to say more on the matter than a couple of 140-character remarks.

    De Volkskrant and Trouw agree in their editorials. Politicians have become numbed to Mr Wilders’ aggressive tone, says Trouw, and it’s time they started putting their foot down.

    And especially given that some of his supporters on internet forums have been making excuses for Anders Breivik’s killings, Mr Wilders has a duty to watch his words, says de Volkskrant.



  2. FN member defends Norway attacker

    July 27, 2011

    A MEMBER of the Front National has been suspended for defending the work of the Oslo attacker, who killed 76 people on Friday.

    Jacques Coutela, who represented the far-right party in local elections in the Yonne earlier this year, wrote a blog post describing Anders Behring Breivik as “an icon” and a “defender of the west”.

    The post, which has since been deleted, said: “The reason for the Norway terror attacks: fighting the Muslim invasion, that’s what people don’t want you to know.”

    Anti-racism movement MRAP has filed a complaint against Mr Coutela for inciting racial hatred.

    However, FN leader Marine Le Pen has accused MRAP of “taking advantage of a terrible event” to target her party.

    She said: “The Front National of course has nothing to do to the Norwegian slaughter, which is the work of a lone lunatic who must be ruthlessly punished.”

    Another Front National member, Laurent Ozon, posted comments on Twitter this weekend linking the attacks to a rise in immigration in Norway.



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