Islamophobia and Breivik massacre

This video is from an Austrian TV report. Heinz-Christian Strache, leader of the extreme right FPÖ, is welcomed to a Salzburg election meeting by supporters shouting: “Heil Hitler”!

About the European far Right, after the mass murder of Social Democrat children by Anders Breivik.

From an article in German weekly Der Spiegel, quoting the present leader of the Austrian anti-Semitic neo-fascist FPÖ, formerly led by Jörg Haider:

Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ) leader Heinz-Christian Strache stated his message concisely during an early July interview with SPIEGEL ONLINE. “Not every Muslim is a terrorist,” he said. “But every terrorist in the last decade was a Muslim. That is the fundamental problem.”

That this is no longer the case has now become a fundamental problem for Strache and his ideological companions.

Heinz-Christian Strache obviously lies, as everyone can see after Breivik’s mass murder.

However, dear Der Spiegel, you are forgetting that the Heinz-Christian Strache quote was already a lie before Breivik’s terrorist political crime as well.

According to police figures, only 0.4% of terrorism in Europe is by Muslims.

6 thoughts on “Islamophobia and Breivik massacre

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