7 thoughts on “Desperate poverty in Montenegro

  1. Border skirmish condemned by EU

    KOSOVO: Special police withdrew from border crossings in the north today after a deal thrashed out by Nato representatives, but the breakaway province’s premier Hashim Thaci defended their initial deployment as “the right decision” despite the death of a policeman and the wounding of four others.

    The EU condemned the operation, which was designed to take control of the border with Serbia.

    Serbia does not recognise Kosovo’s independence and neither does the largely Serb population of North Kosovo.


  2. Health workers begin strikes

    MONTENEGRO: More than 4,000 public-sector health professionals in Podgorica kicked off an indefinite strike today demanding higher wages and improved working conditions.

    Two Montenegrin health unions said they would not give up until their demands are met by the government.

    They called on the rest of the country’s 4,300 medical workers to join the strike and said that patients requiring urgent care will be treated for the duration of the strike.

    The average monthly salary of Montenegrin doctors is €470 (£409) while nurses earn €270 (£235) a month.

    They are demanding a 20 per cent wage boost.


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