Italian Berlusconi coalition MEP supports murderer Breivik

Geert Wilders and Mario Borghezio

Mario Borghezio, Italian Member of the European Parliament for the racist Lega Nord party, is not just, as this photo shows, an ally of Dutch xenophobic politician Geert Wilders.

From daily The Times in South Africa:

26th July 2011 15:51

An ally of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has triggered a storm of protest after he described as “excellent” some of Norwegian terrorism suspect Anders Behring Breivik‘s ideas.

Mario Borghezio, a European Parliament member for the anti-immigration Northern League, said he agreed with Breivik‘s “opposition to Islam and his explicit accusation that Europe has surrendered before putting up a fight against its Islamisation.”

Borghezio told the host of talk radio programme La Zanzara that he did not agree with Breivik”s use of violence, nor with the “Protestant” Norwegian”s “anti-Papist” stance.

But he said that “some of the ideas (of Breivik”s) are good, in certain cases even excellent.”

The Northern League is the junior partner in Berlusconi’s conservative government.

The centre-left opposition called for Borghezio to resign from the European Parliament.

“It is a matter of shame for all of us that a representative of the ruling coalition made apologetic remarks about one of the cruelest acts of terrorism,” said the Democratic Party”s David Sassoli and the Italy of Values party”s Niccolo Rinaldi, both European parliamentarians.

See also here.

If terrorist Breivik would not have been so horribly “Protestant” about the pope, one suspects, Borghezio might have called Breivik’s mass killing of Social Democratic children, after all nothing but “cultural Marxist” traitors to White Europe in the twisted Rightist world view of both Breivik and Borghezio, “excellent” as well.

As most of the world reeled in reaction to the tragic shooting of scores of Norwegians by right-wing extremist Anders Behring Breivik, anti-Semitic professor Kevin MacDonald, editor of the white nationalist website Occidental Observer, prepared his analysis of the pros and cons of Breivik’s deadly spree: here.

Oslo Shooter A Frightening Reminder of Radical Right Terrorist Threat: here.

Anders Behring Breivik’s terror attack is no aberration. There is a long history of right-wing terrorists targeting anyone who doesn’t fit their twisted view of society: here.

Mass killer Anders Breivik told Right-wing extremists in Britain to “keep up the good work” as he plotted his double atrocity in Norway. He was in contact with supporters of the English Defence League days before Friday’s bombing and shooting spree in which 76 people, most of them teenagers, were killed: here.

EDL supporter: Breivik’s a ‘hero in the war on Islam’: here.

‘Mad Mel’ Phillips and the Norway terrorist attacks: here. And here.


Norwegians are in shock, but remain determined to defend multiculturalism, writes Thomas Kvilhaug of the International Socialists in Oslo: here.

Anders Behring Breivik’s Hungarian connections: here.

Anders Breivik Recommended Popular Anti-Muslim Documentary ‘Obsession’ For ‘Further Study’: here.

American Anti-Muslim Activists Throw Devoted Follower Breivik Under Bus: here.

Glenn Beck criticized for comparing Norway camp victims to “Hitler youth”: here.

USA: NAACP confronts new Jim Crow racism: here.

Amy Goodman, Democracy NOW!: “Numerous news outlets and commentators initially blamed the attacks in Norway on Islamic militants. Rupert Murdoch’s British newspaper, The Sun, ran a front-page headline that read, ‘Al-Qaeda Massacre: Norway’s 9/11.’ In the United States, Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal also initially blamed ‘jihadists,’ reporting that ‘Norway is targeted for being true to Western norms.’ Meanwhile, on the Washington Post‘s website, Jennifer Rubin wrote, ‘This is a sobering reminder for those who think it’s too expensive to wage a war against jihadists.’ To discuss the media coverage of the attacks, we’re joined by Glenn Greenwald, constitutional law attorney and political and legal blogger who has written about the media coverage of the attacks in Norway for”: here.

GARY YOUNGE: As the massacre in Norway shows, the real threat to European democracy is not multiculturalism and Islamic militancy. It’s racism: here.

The hate factory: xenophobia and racism in Europe: here.

Chris Hedges, Truthdig: “The gravest threat we face from terrorism, as the killings in Norway by Anders Behring Breivik underscore, comes not from the Islamic world but the radical Christian right and the secular fundamentalists who propagate the bigoted, hateful caricatures of observant Muslims and those defined as our internal enemies. The caricature and fear are spread as diligently by the Christian right as they are by atheists such as Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens. Our religious and secular fundamentalists all peddle the same racist filth and intolerance that infected Breivik”: here.

The difference between a Christian and a Muslim terrorist: here.

There is a clear link between the campaign of incitement against Muslims, which has been supported by all of the parties of the US and European bourgeois establishment and by the media, and the political motives of the fascist who murdered 76 people in Oslo last Friday: here.

Spain: ‘Madman’ launches homophobic attack in restaurant: here.

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