9 thoughts on “Spanish anti-austerity protest

  1. Britain:

    Share dividends multiply for rich

    Economy: Millions of ordinary people may be struggling with debts and pay cuts, but people wealthy enough to live off their shares have been enjoying a multibillion-pound bonanza.

    Shareholders were handed payouts totalling £19.1 billion in the three months to June – 27 per cent up on a year earlier.

    Tobacco, life insurers and mines were all fashionable choices for the profit-seeking idle rich.

    Capita Registrars chief executive Charles Cryer, whose organisation compiled the figures, boasted: “Shareholders have reason to cheer – dividends are finally flowing freely again.”



  2. Britain:

    No austerity on Cameron’s holidays

    David Cameron says we’re “all in it together”. But most of us couldn’t afford his holiday.

    He’s currently splashing out on a fortnight at a £10,000‑a‑week Tuscany villa.

    But he has other ways of saving cash. He was caught not leaving a tip in a local cafe.

    £40 million… We can afford it

    Austerity? Not for the super-rich who plan to buy new flats in Chelsea for up to £40 million each.

    The Glebe is set to be the new most expensive address in London. Each resident will get their own swimming pool, games room and a private lift.

    “When one is super-rich, £30 million to £40 million is neither here nor there,” says estate agent Gary Hersham.

    The flats, near the posh King’s Road, are being built by a hedge fund. And there will be a huge wall around the site—a feature “very important to the super-rich”, says Hersham.



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