Spanish anti-austerity protest

This video is called Puerta del Sol, Madrid Spain. Spanish Revolution.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

‘Indignant’ activists get to Madrid

Sunday 24 July 2011

by Our Foreign Desk

Protesters settle in for the night after long anti-government marches

Tens of thousands of protesters thronged Madrid’s central Sol square today to press the government to “make the rich pay for their crisis” and reverse welfare cuts.

Many of the “indignant” activists had marched hundreds of miles from cities across Spain, some from as far away as Cadiz on the country’s south coast.

Physiotherapists travelling in support vehicles helped the protesters avoid cramps and sore muscles, while sympathetic paramedics treated blistered feet.

Protester Beatriz Puerta said: “Many volunteers offered to act as cooks for us, preparing marvellous dishes which enabled us to keep up our strength. It’s been a very positive experience.”

SPAIN: “Indignant” Demonstrators Marching to Brussels to Protest Effects of Crisis: here.

Tom Gill describes the recent protests and long marches in Spain, in which up to a million people took part: here.

Protests held against police eviction of “indignados” from Madrid’s Puerta del Sol: here.

Protests by indignados (angry ones) have continued since last Tuesday, when police forcibly evicted the 90 people remaining in Madrid’s main square, Puerta del Sol: here.

Spanish Prime Minister Jose Zapatero announced today that the country will hold a general election in November, four months earlier than anticipated: here.

9 thoughts on “Spanish anti-austerity protest

  1. Britain:

    Share dividends multiply for rich

    Economy: Millions of ordinary people may be struggling with debts and pay cuts, but people wealthy enough to live off their shares have been enjoying a multibillion-pound bonanza.

    Shareholders were handed payouts totalling £19.1 billion in the three months to June – 27 per cent up on a year earlier.

    Tobacco, life insurers and mines were all fashionable choices for the profit-seeking idle rich.

    Capita Registrars chief executive Charles Cryer, whose organisation compiled the figures, boasted: “Shareholders have reason to cheer – dividends are finally flowing freely again.”


  2. Britain:

    No austerity on Cameron’s holidays

    David Cameron says we’re “all in it together”. But most of us couldn’t afford his holiday.

    He’s currently splashing out on a fortnight at a £10,000‑a‑week Tuscany villa.

    But he has other ways of saving cash. He was caught not leaving a tip in a local cafe.

    £40 million… We can afford it

    Austerity? Not for the super-rich who plan to buy new flats in Chelsea for up to £40 million each.

    The Glebe is set to be the new most expensive address in London. Each resident will get their own swimming pool, games room and a private lift.

    “When one is super-rich, £30 million to £40 million is neither here nor there,” says estate agent Gary Hersham.

    The flats, near the posh King’s Road, are being built by a hedge fund. And there will be a huge wall around the site—a feature “very important to the super-rich”, says Hersham.


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