Rupert Murdoch empire in trouble

Rupert Murdoch cartoon

Britain: Labour MP Tom Watson is to refer allegations that James Murdoch misled a parliamentary committee during evidence this week to Scotland Yard, he announced today: here.

Former attorney general Lord Goldsmith was forced to deny claims on Thursday that he overlooked widespread allegations of phone hacking in 2006 in favour of a “much narrower” investigation: here.

USA: Justice Department Prepares Subpoenas In News Corp. Inquiry: here.

Australia’s competition watchdog expressed concern today over a bid by Rupert Murdoch’s cable television operation to buy out a rival, saying it would create “a near monopoly” of pay TV service in the country: here.

News Corp‘s ‘Times of London’ Tries To Divert Attention From Rupert Murdoch’s Scandal With Questionable Cartoon About Starving Africans: here.


9 thoughts on “Rupert Murdoch empire in trouble

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