Good Dutch Montagu’s harrier news

This is a video from Spain about a male Montagu’s harrier.

From the Dutch province of Drenthe, there is not just red-backed shrike news.

Translated from daily Dagblad van het Noorden:

Montagu’s harrier nests again in Drenthe

Published on July 17, 2011, 18:15
Last updated July 17, 2011, 20:26

Assen – For the first time in many years, a Montagu’s harrier breeding pair has been observed in Drenthe. Anyway, things are going well for farmland birds in Drenthe, like yellow wagtails, skylarks, and yellowhammers.

This said biologist Henk Jan Ottens, who works for the Montagu’s Harrier Working Group, at a meeting about farmers and nature in Eerste Exloërmond. According to Ottens, the bird populations in the Netherlands are nowhere as big as in Drenthe, and that is due to the increasing biodiversity. Also northern lapwings, quails [see also here] and pheasants are doing well.

Montagu’s harrier nest in Overijssel: here.

Langholm Moor project – Can grouse co-exist with [hen] harriers? Here.

Hen Harriers, persecution and the RSPB: here.

March 2012. Conservationists are hailing the breeding success of hen harriers on Orkney as the population has reached a 20-year high of 100 breeding females producing over 100 chicks – a remarkable recovery for the species which is facing tough challenges in other parts of the UK: here.

September 2011: Farmland birds are the most threatened group of birds in Europe according to the results of a new monitoring scheme: here.

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