Murdoch scandal in British parliament

Rupert Murdoch, cartoon by Steve Bell

Disgraced media mogul Rupert Murdoch denied today that he was responsible for phone hacking and the bribery of police officers by News International staff: here.

Top cops fell over each other today to assure MPs that it “wasn’t me guv” as the parliamentary probe continued into Scotland Yard‘s links with the Murdoch empire: here.

London: Metropolitan Police communications chief Dick Fedorcio was referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission over his relationship with hacking suspect Neil Wallis, his force said today: here.

Hacking: Wallis linked to Tory campaign: here.

A former News of the World journalist found dead on Monday night claimed Andy Coulson “encouraged” him to hack phones: here.

Beleaguered Prime Minister David Cameron flew back to Britain today amid growing calls for his resignation: here.

Hacking crisis edges closer to Cameron as fresh links with NOTW are disclosed: here.

News International paid Tory education secretary Michael Gove £5,000 a month for one hour a week’s work as a journalist: here.

RUPERT and James Murdoch yesterday sought to stonewall MPs questioning them about phone-hacking at the ‘News of the World’, denying any responsibility or knowledge of what was going on: here.

The appearance of Rupert and James Murdoch before the British Parliament’s Culture, Media and Sports Select Committee was a piece of well-choreographed political theatre: here.

Why did UK police declare death of News of the World whistleblower “not suspicious?” Here.

MPs accuse Met of ‘catalogue of failures’: here.

3 thoughts on “Murdoch scandal in British parliament

  1. Odds narrow on Cameron exit

    POLITICS: Bookmakers William Hill offered odds of 16/1 today on Prime Minister David Cameron being out of office by this weekend.

    With no clear successor for the position, Hills currently make Boris Johnson the 4/1 favourite to succeed Mr Cameron as the next leader of the Conservative Party while George Osborne is the 6/1 second favourite.

    “The phone-hacking scandal has already collected a number of high-profile scalps and the odds suggest that it could just grab the biggest scalp of all,” said William [Hill] spokesman Rupert Adams.


  2. Speculation over future of Murdoch

    UNITED STATES: News Corp board member Thomas Perkins sparked speculation on Monday night when he said that the media empire’s chief executive Rupert Murdoch “has the full support of the company’s board of directors and we are not considering elevating chief operating officer Chase Carey to replace him.”

    Mr Perkins repeated the media empire’s mantra that “top management has been misled by very bad people at a very low level in the organisation.”


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