English little egret breeding news

Little Egret from 4Moorhens2 on Vimeo.

From Wildlife Extra:

Little egrets breed in Hertfordshire for first time

Little egrets at Amwell Nature Reserve

July 2011. Little egrets have bred for the first time in Hertfordshire at the Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust‘s Amwell Nature Reserve near Ware.

Barry Reed, the Trust’s volunteer recorder said: “An elusive pair of little egrets at Amwell Nature Reserve has kept local observers guessing all summer – they finally revealed their secret this week, when a brood of young were spotted in dense vegetation on the heronry island. It was a great pleasure to be able to confirm breeding in Hertfordshire for the first time, a much hoped for event following their colonisation of the UK during the last 15 years.”

David Randall tells the story of the RSPB, the world’s oldest conservation group, and its experts choose 40 of the best reserves to visit: here.

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