British people freeze, fuel corporations profit

This video says about itself:

The rising cost of fuel in the UK means millions of people are struggling to stay warm in winter.

In the second part of our special series on poverty in Britain, Laurence Lee reports from Wales on the growing phenomenon of fuel poverty.

Over five million families in Britain experience fuel poverty, spending more than 10 per cent of their income on warming homes, according to the government’s own figures: here.

Another million households have been pushed into fuel poverty due to greedy price rises by energy privateers, according to the latest government statistics: here.

Letters: More action is needed to end fuel poverty: here.

Huge price rises by energy companies will lead to illness and death among vulnerable customers, campaigners and unions warned today: here.

Scottish people plunged into fuel poverty: here.

PUBLIC sector union Unison yesterday reiterated its call for the government to take action to tackle fuel poverty: here.

Energy privateer British Gas was fined £2.5 million by watchdog Ofgem today for failing to deal with complaints correctly: here.

Almost three-quarters of Britain’s young people believe the government is doing little to help them find work amid mass unemployment, a study showed today: here.

6 thoughts on “British people freeze, fuel corporations profit

  1. ‘One household in five living in poverty’

    One in two large families in south says Istat

    15 July, 13:18

    (ANSA) – Rome, July 15 – One Italian household in five is living in poverty, Istat said Friday.

    For large families in the poorer south of the country, the figures rises to one in two, the national statistics agency said.

    More than eight million people, or almost 14% of the Italian population, are living below the bread line and over three million, or 5%, are in a state of “absolute poverty”, it said.


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