Sarkozy flip flops on Libyan war

Sarkozy and Gadaffi

France pressed insurgents in Libya today to drop their refusal to negotiate with the Libyan government until Muammar Gadaffi steps down: here. And here.

So, the Sarkozy regime in France has managed to transform itself in a short period, first from Gadaffi cronies to bombers of Libya and now, now their so called “humanitarian” war is not working like they expected, they are transforming themselves into false doves of peace.

On Tuesday the French parliament voted overwhelmingly to continue France’s imperialist war in Libya: here.

African concern over Libya arms drops. African Union head says guns are falling into wrong hands after France reveals it dropped arms in rebel-held areas: here.

Libyan officials warned today that the rebel-controlled east of the country could run out of water soon because the insurgency and Nato bombing raids had prevented technicians from maintaining the desert country’s vast irrigation system: here.

Libyan rebel forces seeking to oust Muammar Qadhafi have looted shops, homes and medical facilities in some of the towns they seized in the country’s western mountains, Human Rights Watch said Wednesday: here. And here.

Al Jazeera: Abuses take shine off Libya‘s ‘freedom fighters’: here.

Libyan Rebels Accused of Pillage and Beatings: here.

The four-month air war and numerous assassination attempts have failed to remove Muammar Gaddafi from power over the oil and gas-rich North African country: here.

Sarkozy, The War Lord: here.

7 thoughts on “Sarkozy flip flops on Libyan war

  1. France has enough money to continue the war. They should send ground troops and the govt should introduce a special tax to fund the war.


  2. Hi Sandra Prior, you seem to be a bloodthirsty person. Ground troops would mean even more Libyan civilians dying, as if not enough are dying already. And it would mean French soldiers dying, as if not enough are dying already in another bloody war in Afghanistan.

    A “special tax to fund the war” would ruin the French economy which is not in very good shape already. And the capitalists, including arms manufacturing war profiteers, would use it to attack the living standard of the mass of the French people.


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