Bempton Cliffs, gannets and puffins

This is a video from England on Flamborough head and Bempton Cliffs nature reserves. See also here.

So, after our journey, we arrived at Bempton Cliffs bird reserve.

There are Cretaceous marine fossils at the cliffs at well. However, today we did not see any.

Both gannets and kittiwakes have many chicks.


Puffins swimming in the sea.


Fulmar chicks. An adult fulmar flying.


More inland, a corn bunting singing.

A small tortoiseshell butterfly.

A red admiral. A meadow brown.

As I walk back, a whitethroat sits on a signpost.

Along Cliff Lane, a northern lapwing in a meadow.

Stunning pics of amazing abseil rescue of gannet hanging by a thread at Bempton Cliffs: here.

4 thoughts on “Bempton Cliffs, gannets and puffins

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