North sea birds

Herring gull

Sunday, 3 July 2011.

The ferry Pride of Rotterdam in Rotterdam harbour.

Jackdaws, lesser black-backed and herring gulls fly around the ship.

Two Egyptian geese grazing on a lawn. A swan swims past.

Two oystercatchers fly past.

A few lesser black-headed gulls.

20:45: sailing begins.

A great cormorant flying over the Nieuwe Waterweg canal.

Rabbits on an island (see also here and here).

21:30, at sea. Over ten lesser black-backed gulls follow the ship. Herring gulls usually go not very far from the coast.

The sea is quiet. No white wave tops, except where the ship’s movement causes them.

Next morning, 4 July. Hull harbour in England.

Scores of black-headed gulls and just one herring gull. So, rather different from Rotterdam.

Over the next few months the Humber estuary will be transformed into a bustling avian airport as thousands of birds stop off to refuel on their migratory journey south: here.

This is a video about the world’s oldest black-headed gull.

Here is an article with photos about North Sea birds.

2 thoughts on “North sea birds

  1. These beautiful birds seem and under-rated, under-discussed, under-appreciated feathered friend. Having lived by the sea for thirty years now I have gained an appreciation for this gem by the seas. I love the grace of their winged flight, perching high on ship masts, marina pilings, dock rails, seaside building roof peaks. They watch me with docile, passive curiosity. I find their scavenger-like existence fascinating.


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