Greek workers fight on

Protest banners at the Acropolis, Athens

OVER 40,000 workers and youth congregated in the central Athens square outside the Vouli (Greek parliament) on Thursday night despite the riot police terrorist chemical warfare of the past two days: here.

Banks secure own interests at Greece’s expense: here.

The Super Rich Sabotage the Arab Revolutions. Shamus Cooke, Truthout: “With revolutions sweeping the Arab world and bubbling up across Europe, aging tyrants or discredited governments are doing their best to cling to power. It’s hard to overexaggerate the importance of these events: the global political and economic status quo is in deep crisis. If pro-democracy or anti-austerity movements emerge victorious, they’ll have an immediate problem to solve – how to pay for their vision of a better world”: here.

Police Attack Peaceful Protesters in Morocco: here.

3 thoughts on “Greek workers fight on

  1. Greece: Strike

    Wednesday 06 July 2011

    by Jude Cowan

    Do not imagine this is any strike.
    This is our strike against a return
    to medieval working conditions.
    To reduce public debt (what is that?)
    the government plans to sell stakes
    in state-run businesses. Once the
    greed is slaked comes the hunger.
    Do not imagine this is any strike.

    Jude Cowan was born in Manchester and lives in London. She is a historian, archivist and songwriter and currently works for ITN Source.
    Greece: Strike comes from her first collection For The Messengers, published by Donut Press. The collection is based on her time working for the Thomson Reuters news agency during 2008.

    Well Versed is edited by Jody Porter


  2. Greek taxi drivers blockade ports

    GREECE: Taxi drivers blocked road access to Athens international airport and the port of Piraeus today in protest against government plans to “liberalise” their profession.

    The drivers are due to strike until Wednesday.

    They argue that removing restrictions on granting taxi licences will result in a less reliable and more dangerous service, as well as leading to a surplus of drivers.

    Concerns have also been raised over plans to lift profit limits on taxi firms.

    The plans are part of an EU and IMF-backed bid to deregulate dozens of Greek professions.


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