Dead cane toads still poisonous

This is a cane toad video from Australia.

From Science, 1 July 2011:

In their relentless invasion of Australia, poisonous cane toads often hop along roads, where their flattened, desiccated husks are a familiar sight during the long dry season. Nobody gave much thought to the fate of the little mummies’ toxic compounds—months baking in the sun should render them harmless, researchers assumed. Not so, according to a new study, which shows that, like murderous ghouls, road kill cane toads can haunt the wilderness long after death.

Cane toad research: here.

Deep, throaty calls key to cane toad foreplay – ABC Online: here.

Scaling cliffs, swimming extraordinary distances and negotiating cave systems – no wonder the cane toads’ colonisation of Australia has been so fast: here.

3 thoughts on “Dead cane toads still poisonous

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