Peregrine falcons in old crows’ nest

This is a video of a peregrine falcon nest on a building.

Translated from a press release by Staatsbosbeheer in the Netherlands today:

For the first time ever in our country a peregrine falcon couple have nested in an old crows’ nest. And successfully so, because the young falcons have fledged.

There were two chicks, one male, one female.

It happened this spring in the Biesbosch. The falcons have benefited from an old nest of carrion crows. Peregrine falcons hardly ever build nests themselves.

Natural nest

Peregrines usually nest in nesting boxes on masts, towers and pylons. This spring, however, a couple nested in an old crows’ nest, in the National Park De Biesbosch. State Forest Ranger Jacques van der Neut says: “For the first time ever, breeding peregrine falcons in a natural nest. Something which had happened never before in our country. Abroad, peregrine falcons nesting in trees are also a rare phenomenon.”

Invasion of the falcons: The peregrine is back in town. After decades of declining numbers, the world’s fastest creature is populating Britain’s cities once again. One pair has even set up home at Tate Modern: here.

October 2011: Devon and Cornwall Police and the RSPB are appealing for information following confirmation that a young peregrine falcon found dead at a quarry near Buckfastleigh had residues of both carbofuran and aldicarb. These banned pesticides are suspected to have contributed to the bird’s death: here.

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