5 thoughts on “Most doctors have fled occupied Iraq

  1. Britain:

    No compensation for Iraq families

    COURTS: A High Court judge today blocked attempts by families of soldiers killed in Iraq to seek compensation from the government under human rights legislation.

    The families’ lawyers said they would appeal the verdict.

    But Mr Justice Owen allowed a negligence claim brought on behalf of one soldier’s child to go ahead, which lawyers hailed as a landmark ruling.


  2. Shell in line for £7.5bn gas deal

    IRAQ: Ministers hope to sign a £7.5 billion gas deal with Royal Dutch Shell tomorrow that would enable the transnational to capture gas flared from three giant southern oil fields in a joint venture with the state-owned South Gas company and Japanese corporation Mitsubishi.

    Shell has been pushing to exploit the vast Rumaila, Zubair and West Qurna Phase 1 fields since an initial agreement was signed in 2008.

    Oil ministry spokesman Murtadha al-Jashaamy said: “We are hoping to sign an initial contract with Shell.”


  3. Suicide bomber strike kills five

    IRAQ: A suicide bomber drove his explosives-packed car into a security checkpoint in Abu Ghraib today, killing five members of the US-backed Awakening Council militia and injuring eight others.

    Meanwhile an oil executive announced that Royal Dutch Shell and Mitsubishi have signed an initial deal with Iraqi ministers to tap natural gas in the occupied country’s south.

    Shell’s Vice President for Middle East and North Africa Mousnir Bouaziz said it will be sent to the Iraqi Cabinet for final approval.


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