Spanish mass rally July 24

This video is called Spain’s ‘indignados’ in silent defiance in Madrid.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Indignados begin march on Madrid for mass rally

Sunday 26 June 2011

Hundreds of “Indignados” – the Indignant – began a long march for economic and social justice at the weekend joining fellow protesters already making their way to Madrid.

Marchers set off on Saturday from Barcelona, Bilbao, Valencia and Cadiz.

They will be joined in coming days by hundreds more from other cities whose aim is to reach the Spanish capital in time for a July 24 mass rally.

It is the latest stage in a campaign to demand that the government start to prioritise the needs of its people instead of global financial investors who have demanded severe cuts in an economy already crippled by mass joblessness.

Unemployment stands at 21.3 per cent with that figure rising to 35 per cent among 16 to 29-year-olds.

The Indignados movement began with occupations in city squares before the recent elections, but protesters have since returned to their communities to discuss the latest step in their strategy.

Slovenia’s conservative opposition parties are poised to oust the current government, in order to subject the country to the social devastation demanded by the EU and IMF: here. And here.

4 thoughts on “Spanish mass rally July 24

  1. Ministers launch talks to join EU

    ICELAND: The government launched formal accession talks with European Union officials today despite polls which suggest that the majority of citizens do not want to join.

    Iceland applied for membership following the collapse of its bloated financial sector in 2008.

    The Left-Green Movement, a member of the governing coalition, argues against EU membership on the basis that it would serve to diminish the country’s independence and “jeopardise Iceland’s control over its resources.”


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