Libya war continues, amidst resistance

This video from Brtain says about itself:

On 24 May 2011, Stop the War Coalition organised a protest calling for an end to the bombing of Libya outside Buckingham Palace, where Barack Obama was staying with the Queen on his state visit to Britain.

USA: The House of Representatives voted against a resolution authorizing the war in then <Libya, but refused to cut back funding for its continuation: here.

Britain and France have dismissed a call by Italy for a ceasefire in Libya, underscoring mounting tensions within NATO over its bid to install a compliant regime in the oil-rich country: here.

Military might cannot resolve the crisis in Libya, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said today in a warning to the half-dozen Western states that have been bombing the oil-rich African state since March.

A key US Senate panel voted on Tuesday to bar the White House from deploying ground troops in Libya.

Tripoli — The head of the Catholic Church in Libya says his people are sick and tired of NATO’s bombing campaign. Meanwhile, there are signs of growing discontent in several of the countries whose governments have committed themselves to the operation: here.

Soon after the Libyan capital fell to the rebels in August 2011 I got to know a 32-year-old man called Ahmed Abdullah al-Ghadamsi. We met when he tried to evict me from my hotel room, which he said was needed for members of the National Transitional Council, in effect the provisional government of Libya. I wasn’t happy about being moved because the hotel, the Radisson Blu on Tripoli’s seafront, was full of journalists and there was nowhere else to stay. But Ahmed promised to find me another room, and he was as good as his word: here.

The Arab Spring’s looming refugee crisis: here.

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4 thoughts on “Libya war continues, amidst resistance

  1. ‘Nato strike killed 15 civilians’

    Saturday, 25 June 201

    A Nato air strike on a city near the front line in eastern Libya has killed 15 civilians, Libya’s state news agency claims.

    Jana quoted a military official in Muammar Gaddafi’s forces as saying Nato warplanes hit a number of civilian sites in the oil refinery town of Brega, including a restaurant and a bakery.

    The official said 15 civilians were killed and 20 injured in the attack.

    Jana also claimed five civilians were killed in Brega on Friday.

    There was no immediate comment from Nato.

    Colonel Gaddafi’s government has repeatedly accused the alliance of targeting Libyan civilians in its air campaign. Nato insists it does all it can to avoid civilian casualties.


  2. If the world it to save it must come from the people, The people must find ways to get rid of Group such as the NATO group who pretend to represent the people, but only represent the rich and the powful.


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