Che Guevara in Yemen anti-dictatorship movement

This music video is called Hasta siempre; a Cuban song about Che Guevara.

From the Angry Arab News Service:

Do you know that the most common and visible picture carried by protesters all over Yemen is the portrait of Che Guevera. That is quite interesting.

UN concern about Yemen: here.

Bahrain Snapshot: The 21 Prison Sentences and Regime’s Strategy: here.

Bahrain: The first football players’ agent and general supervisor of the national team before the court: here.

SUPPORT Bahrain’s Athletes; sign petition here.

Bahraini Students Forced to Choose Between Loyalty to the Regime and an Education: here.

9 thoughts on “Che Guevara in Yemen anti-dictatorship movement

  1. Thousands call for Saleh family to go

    Yemen: Hundreds of thousands of protesters rallied across Yemen today demanding that the sons and allies of absent President Ali Abdullah Saleh leave the country.

    The Western-backed dictator is currently in Saudi Arabia being treated for wounds suffered during an attack on his palace.

    He was reported today to be poised to make his first public statement since he was injured “within the next 48 hours.”


    Blood flows during weekend protests

    Syria: Two mourners were reportedly killed at funerals for political protesters today in the latest deaths in a weekend of violence.

    Activists claimed that 20 people were shot dead during Friday demonstrations across the country.

    A military spokesman also claimed that 1,300 members of the security had been killed so far by “armed gangs” which the government officially states are behind the protests.

    However neither the activists’ claims nor those of the government can be verified due to a ban on reporting in the country.


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