Bahrain democrats keep fighting

This is video footage of a protest march in Bani Jamra in northwest Bahrain on Friday.

Bahrain: Dangerous Statistics and Facts about the National Security Apparatus: here.

This video is called Inside Story – Bahrain stability in jeopardy.

Poverty in Bahrain – a 2011 video – This is where a killed protester [Ahmed Farhan] used to live: here.

Poverty in Bahrain – a 2007 Documentary by CNN [VIDEO]: here.

Poverty in Bahrain – a 2004 Documentary [VIDEO]: here.

BBC – Bahrain doctors in prison for daring to speak out: here.

My husband was abducted by Bahrain’s military. One woman’s personal ordeal describes how her husband was jailed following a military trial: here.

Nuwaidrat protest dispersed by riot police: here.

Amnesty International: Bahrain faces fresh torture claims over health workers’ trial: here.

Bahrain Feature: “Gov’t Tried to Repress the Protests on the Very 1st Day”: here.

Yemen: Video: Mass Protests Against Saleh’s Regime Persist: here.

Saudi Arabia. The brrrm of dissent. Even the most conservative of monarchies is facing change: here.

New mass protests planned in Egypt: here.

9 thoughts on “Bahrain democrats keep fighting

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