Saving sturgeons

This is a European sturgeon video from the Trocadero aquarium in Paris, France.

New to the Oceanium, the aquarium of Rotterdam zoo in the Netherlands, are three American Atlantic sturgeons.

These fish are in the zoo to propagate plans to bring their relatives, the European sturgeons, back to the Rhine river.

1952, in the Waal river near Tiel, was the last time that a European sturgeon was caught in the Netherlands.

The web site of Rotterdam zoo says about this (translated from Dutch):

This spectacular primitive fish is a figurehead for many other fish which are slowly but surely regaining their niches in the river. Salmon, sea trout, houting, eel, all those fish depend for their survival and reproduction both on the sea and on the rivers.

Under domestic and international environmentalist pressure, the Rightist Dutch government has decided to make things easier for anadromous fish in the Haringvliet estuary, which they did not want to do at first: here. And here.

Haringvliet ecological restoration: here.

U.S. Judge Rejects Latest Salmon Recovery Plan: here.

USA: Louisiana paper mill spill causes massive fish kill; federally protected Gulf sturgeon among the dead: here.

Re-emergence of salmon in the Thames ‘not from restocking’, say Exeter academics: here.

Changing climate could cut western trout habitat in half: study: here.

Modern fish communities live fast and die young: here.

Fish placenta is unfavourable survival strategy: here.

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