NATO kills Palestinians in Libya

This video is called NATO Bombs Libya TV Station.

From daily News Line in Britain:

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Palestinian family killed by NATO in Tripoli

A PALESTINIAN family of four was killed in a NATO airstrike on Monday in the Libyan capital Tripoli, according to the Palestinian Authority’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The ministry explained in a statement published on Tuesday by the government news agency Wafa, that the International Red Crescent Association had relayed the news.

The family, according to Wafa’s report, had lived in the Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus, before moving to Tripoli.

Palestinian ambassador to Libya Atif Udah told Ma’an radio the family was in a three-story building targeted by a NATO air attack.

He identified the victims as Abdullah Muhammad Ash-Shihab, his wife Karima and his six-month-old twins Khalid and Jumanah.

He noted that President Mahmud Abbas asked the foreign ministry and the embassy in Libya to send a protest note to NATO, the Red Cross and the UN.

Earlier in June, Ma’an spoke to the PA’s Minister of Interior Sa’id Abu Ali about the status of Palestinian communities in Arab countries experiencing revolutions, such as Yemen and Libya.

He said that there was a special military committee that monitors Palestinian communities and provides help in moving them to safer areas.

Libyan officials reported that 15 civilians were killed on Monday in a NATO airstrike on Tripoli.

From Twitter:

UK cost of bombing #Libya reaches £260m – Join the Stop Bombing Libya protest 6pm, Tuesday, Downing St

in London, England.

It would be ‘easy’ to re-start oil production in rebel-held Libya, says senior British official: here.

USA: Libya Funding, Authorization Face House Votes In Obama War Powers Fight: here.

USA: Hey how about war #6? Bloodthirsty insane Lindsey Graham wants a Syria job! Libya is going so swimmingly, after all: here.

6 thoughts on “NATO kills Palestinians in Libya

  1. Fox – Libyan war costs adding up

    Defence: Britain’s military operations in Libya are costing taxpayers more than £40 million a month, Defence Secretary Liam Fox said today.

    In a written statement to MPs Dr Fox said the projected cost of a six-month Nato-led campaign was “in the region of £120 million.”

    Another £140m would have to be spent replacing missiles and other munitions if the mission continued at the same rate, he told MPs.


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