Little grebes and redshanks

21 June, the “Baillon’s crake reserve”.

Near the entrance, a reed bunting sings.

This is a reed bunting video.

In a canal a juvenile great crested grebe, a coot, and a female gadwall.

One canal further to the left, two little grebes, calling.

In, around and above the southern lake: barn swallows. Gadwall, tufted ducks. Black-tailed godwits. A swift. A common tern. Grey lag geese. A male shoveler. Lapwing.

An adult coot tries in vain to bring a too big reed stem to its nest, while its chick watches.

In the northern lake, the water level is higher than a week ago. On an island, a juvenile lapwing, about half adult size.

Edible frog sound. A grey heron near a bridge. Oystercatchers. Two shelducks.

A small tortoiseshell butterfly.

Two great crested grebe adults with a juvenile.

An Egyptian goose.

Back near the southern lake: two redshanks drive away a magpie.

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