Kosovo anti-privatisation protest

This video says about itself:

This movie was made to serve as a prime example of post Yugoslav Balkan mentality.

A destruction of a state that was once economically and socially prosperous nation with high inspirations in the world’s affairs. Today, the countries that have sprang from her are only the corrupt, inefficient, filled with post Yugoslavian Balkan uncivilized ignorant mentality in other words, only the light shade of a country that was once SFR Yugoslavia.

Long live Brotherhood and Unity, long live Yugoslavia.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Outrage over privatisation

KOSOVO: Thousands of ethnic Albanians demonstrated against government corruption and the embezzlement of public funds in the disputed region today.

Protesters chanted “Thieves” and carried banners denouncing the privatisation of the country’s post and telecommunications company PTK.

Opposition leader Albin Kurti said that Prime Minister Hashim Thaci’s administration was selling off public enterprises.

The EU has launched a string of investigations into the embezzlement of state funds by senior officials in the province.

Photos of the protest are here.

Roots of Egypt’s Revolution: Labor Unions and the Uprising in Tahrir Square: here.

7 thoughts on “Kosovo anti-privatisation protest

  1. Strike halts production at main Albanian chrome mine

    A pay strike by 700 miners at the Bulqiza chrome mine, the country’s largest, has shut down all production for the past two weeks. Industrial action began at the mine, owned by Austria’s DCM DECOmetal, on July 4. The miners have been protesting in front of government offices in the capital, Tirana, this week.

    According to Reuters, mine director Medat Zogu said DCM DECOmetal’s section of the Bulqiza chrome basin had open reserves of 400,000 tonnes and it mined 70,000 tonnes a year. The mining corporation said July 19 that it would raise wages provided miners first halted their strike.

    “We are going to be generous about the compensation of workers, but these strikes, threats and ultimatums have to stop,” George Bedineishvili, DCM DECOmetal’s country manager, told reporters.

    The firm agreed to a 10 percent raise last week, half the figure that the miners are demanding.



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