Indian SlutWalk against sexual abuse

This is aniher video from India about the SlutWalk plans for New Delhi.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

‘Slut walk’ protest planned for New Delhi

Wednesday 22 June 2011

The “slut walk” which has made waves around the world since being pioneered in Canada is set to come to India.

Umang Sabarwal, a student at Delhi University, said today that the march aimed to shift blame from the victims to the perpetrators of crimes.

The first such walk took place in Toronto after a police officer advised women to avoid rape by not dressing as “sluts.”

Ms Sabarwal said she hoped the march would “get people thinking about how women’s lives and actions are restricted by the threat of harassment.

“Every time a woman is assaulted people don’t blame the perpetrator – instead women get a lecture about what they’re supposed to wear and where they can and can’t go.”

The march has proved controversial with some women saying the terms “slut walk” and its Hindi translation as “shameless protest” are derogatory.

“A ‘slut walk’ degrades women even if it has shock value,” said author Shobha De.

A recent UN survey found that 85 per cent of women in New Delhi fear sexual harassment every time they leave their homes.

Indian minister blames bikinis for sex crimes: here.

By Anindita Datta Choudhury in India:

The slutwalk will be Indianised, now. The desi version of the walk will now be called ‘SlutWalk 2011 arthart Besharmi Morcha‘. Nineteen-year-old Umang Sabharwal, who is organising the walk in Delhi, told Mail Today that the name had been changed to make the SlutWalk-event more inclusive.

“We changed the name after a group meeting. Not all people in Delhi will understand the meaning of ‘slut’. So after a lot of debate and discussion, we have finally zeroed in on Besharmi Morcha. This way, more people in India will understand the real concept,” Sabharwal, a student of Kamla Nehru College, said.

The walk, which was originally scheduled for June 25, has been postponed to the last week of July.

“We are yet to finalise the date and the venue,” Sabharwal said. The organisers are expecting more participation as the colleges will re-open by the end of July.

The Facebook page for the event – SLUT WALK DELHI – will soon be updated with the new name and the exact date of the event. Till now, about 17,000 people have confirmed their participation.

This walk, the organisers hope, can bring about a change in the patriarchal mindset of the people in Delhi.

SlutWalk Cape Town, 20 August 2011: here.

How far has the modern Indian woman come in the struggle for gender equality? Here.

Australia: About 500 people took part in a June 11 march to demand an end to victim blaming in sexual assault. This was followed by a screening of the film War Zone in the Adelaide Activist Centre. About 30 people attended: here.

Men Don’t Recognize ‘Benevolent’ Sexism: Study: here.

USA: ANNA LEKAS MILLER | The FBI is playing a numbers game by crunching rape statistics to shape their reports into what they want them to be, rather than what they actually are: here.

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