Greek anti-austerity fight continues

This video is called Syntagma Square: Fire Bombs & Tear Gas at Athens, Greece, Mass Protest.

Thousands of workers and their allies joined picket lines at power plants across Greece today ahead of a crucial parliamentary vote of confidence in the new cabinet formed last week by Socialist PM George Papandreou to face down opposition to his cuts agenda: here.

Greece’s Prime Minster George Papandreou will face a vote of confidence in parliament tonight at midnight Athens time, 5PM ET. The government is working around the clock to gather support for its economic reforms and a new set of austerity measures: here.

UPDATE 22 June 2011: Papandreou won the confidence vote. The anti-austerity mass actions are continuing.

Greece’s new finance minister is promising that parliament will pass a key austerity package by the end of June in order to receive the next payment in its bailout loan. Evangelos Venizelos said Tuesday that parliament was set to vote on euro28 billion ($40.2 billion) worth of budget cuts and other savings next week: here.

This is a video about an international trade union demonstration in Luxembourg today, including a banner saying “We are all Greeks”. Demonstrators sang the Internationale.

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