Dutch wetland birds’ nests flooded

This is a video about a rare orange spoonbill, filmed in 2008 at the Schorren nature reserve among “normal” white spoonbills.

From Natuurmonumenten in the Netherlands:

At the Schorren nature reserve, outside the Wadden sea dike on Texel island, flooding destroyed birds’ nests, including 20 spoonbills‘ nests, 250 herring gulls’ nests and 30 oystercatchers’ nests. Rare birds such as 10 little tern couples, 5 Arctic tern couples and and a marsh harrier couple also lost their eggs and chicks. Fifteen young spoonbills were able to reach the narrow strip of land along the dike and survived the flood.

The extreme high water of last weekend also affected spoonbills of Griend island, and spoonbills, common terns and black-headed gulls of Schiermonnikoog island.

See also here.

Dutch Wadden birds: here.

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