Elephant born in Amsterdam zoo

This 16 October 2016 video is about an Asian elephant baby born in Artis zoo in Amsterdam.

This morning, an Asian elephant baby was born in Artis zoo in Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

The 90 kilogram heavy female is called Mumba.

Artis zoo is 173 years old now. Mumba is only the third time ever that an elephant has been born there.

The dynamics of social networks among female Asian elephants: here.

September 2011: A two-month-old female elephant calf has been rescued and reunited with its mother after becoming stuck in a tea-garden ditch in Assam, India: here.

July 2011. The owner of an African art store in Philadelphia, Victor Gordon, has been arrested on charges of conspiracy, smuggling and Lacey Act violations related to the illegal importation and sale of African elephant ivory. As part of the government’s investigation, federal agents seized approximately one ton of elephant ivory – one of the largest U.S. seizures of elephant ivory on record: here.

Zoo officials trying to set up the first elephant sperm bank in the US say they hope South Africa will shortly approve a shipment of 16 litres of elephant semen to Pittsburgh Zoo: here.

Young elephant struck by idea: Insightful 7-year-old moves cube to snag fruity treat: here.

Bull elephants’ social behavior varies with the rainfall: here.

15 thoughts on “Elephant born in Amsterdam zoo

  1. Officials thwart tusk smugglers

    VIETNAM: Authorities uncovered more than a ton of elephant tusks on Sunday that smugglers were attempting to take into China.

    Customs official Ly Tran Tuan said that the 221 pieces of tusks were discovered hidden in rolls of fabric that were being transported on a boat on the Ka Long river bordering the two countries.

    Vietnam bans the hunting of its dwindling elephant population.

    Authorities confiscated nearly 7 tons of elephant tusks in 2009 that had been muggled from Tanzania.



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